Wind Power Health Problems


Human Health Problems

Wind Turbine Syndrome

Wind Turbine Syndrome is the clinical name Dr. Nina Pierpont has given to the constellation of symptoms experienced by many (not all) people who find themselves living near industrial wind turbines.

  1. Sleep disturbance
  2. Headache
  3. Tinnitus (pronounced “tin-uh-tus”: ringing or buzzing in the ears)
  4. Ear pressure
  5. Dizziness (a general term that includes vertigo, lightheadedness, the sensation of almost fainting, etc.)
  6. Vertigo (clinically, vertigo refers to the sensation of spinning, or the room moving)
  7. Nausea
  8. Visual blurring
  9. Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
  10. Irritability
  11. Problems with concentration and memory
  12. Panic episodes associated with sensations of internal pulsation or quivering, which arise while awake or asleep

Research by Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum

Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum, a radiologist at the Northern Maine Medical Center, conducted interviews with fifteen people living near the wind energy facility in Mars Hill, Maine. His preliminary data suggest the residents are experiencing medical problems (sleep disturbances, headaches, dizziness, weight changes, possible increases in blood pressure, as well as increased prescription medication use) due to noise emissions from the turbines near their homes.

Dr. Nissenbaum presented his preliminary findings before the Maine Medical Association Public Health Committee on March 25, 2009. The full presentation can be downloaded at Mars Hill wind turbine project health effects: preliminary findings

Welcome to Mars Hill

This video introduces you to the people of Mars Hill ME who are being driven from their homes due to wind turbine noise. UPC Wind installed 28 1.5 MW turbines within 2600 feet of where these families live. The problem of noise developed almost immediately after the turbines were turned on.

Life Under A Wind plant

Life Under a Wind Plant is a documentary of a wind farm operating in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. This wind farm was completed in 2001, and this film consists of interviews with residents who have been living with the turbines for 5 years.

Voices of Tug Hill

Residents of Tug Hill, NY talk about their experiences of living with large-scale wind turbines.